November 2017

We have three papers in CHI 2018! Karusala et al. examines multilingualism among new smartphone adopters in a multi-sited study conducted in India, Dye et al. looks at El Paquete Semanal, the weekly internet in Havana (Cuba), and Chandwani & Kumar evaluates how infrastructures are stitched together for a telemedicine program linking urban and small town/rural India. 

Michaelanne's proposal for the Doctoral Consortium at CHI 2018 was also accepted! Yay!

Our proposal for HCI Across Borders (HCIxB) as a symposium at CHI 2018 was approved!!

Presented at Google's Global UX mixer. Talk titled "Don't panic (or maybe just a little): Women's safety in urban India". Joint work with Naveena Karusala. 

Azra Ismail was selected to present at the TEDx Georgia Tech Student Speaker Salon. 

Guest lectured in Barath Raghavan's class on Computing & Social Good in UC Berkeley CS. Talk titled "Doing Development: Dispelling Myths, Discovering Pathways, Developing Together". 

October 2017

Participated in a panel with Jessica Espey (UN SDSN) on the SDGs and smart/sustainable cities at Georgia Tech. 

Had the honor of attending the Foley Scholars dinner one more time, thanks to Michaelanne being a finalist!

Naveena and I guest-lectured in Kurtis’ class on "Gender and ICTD". It was fun!

Participated in a panel on digital financial services and gender that was organized by UW folks along with the Gates Foundation. Came away thinking hard about what it means to design technologies for women–in different patriarchal contexts. 

So glad to be back at the UW Change seminar, giving a talk with Naveena titled "Care as a Resource for Underserved Learning Environments"! 

Aditya presented our VR work at CMU while I visited UW. 

September 2017

Proud to see the shape that everyone’s CHI submissions were in before they were submitted. Fingers crossed!

August 2017



Our lab got two papers into CSCW 2018! One by Marisol on examining the limitations of social media use for earthquake response in Ecuador and the other led by Aditya and Naveena on conceptualizing care as a resource in underserved learning environments. 

Attended the CSCW 2018 PC meeting.

June 2017






Attended IDC 2017 at Stanford University, participating in the workshop on Equity and Inclusivity with a workshop paper written with Marisol Wong-Villacres and Betsy DiSalvo. 

Met the rest of the ACM Future of Computing Academy in San Francisco after the culmination of the ACM 50 Turing Award event, charting our paths forward!

Gave two presentations at ACM DIS 2017, presenting work co-authored with the incredible Aditya Vashistha and Aditya Vishwanath. 

Aditya and Naveena conducted workshops with teachers across the state of Georgia through collaboration with the Department of Education. 

May 2017





Gave two talks at the Partnership for Progress on the Digital Divide (PPDD 2017) conference in sunny San Diego. One was a plenary talk titled “Doing HCI4D: Dispelling Myths, Discovering Pathways, Developing Together” and the other was a research talk titled “Imagining Feminist Futures and the Case of the Panic Button”.

CHI was exhausting but fun! We got two Best Paper Honorable Mentions. All talks were amazingly delivered. Proud of the team!

Chaired the HCI Across Borders symposium at CHI 2017. We had 90 attendees from 20 different countries! It was a phenomenal experience!

Big day again! Aditya Vishwanath got Outstanding Junior/Rising Senior award from the College of Computing at Georgia Tech. Samyukta Sherugar got the Marshall Williamson fellowship for best student in MS-HCI. I also received an award this once — the Lockheed Inspirational Young Faculty award. Now I can hang with the cool kids in my lab!

Brand new member of the ACM Future of Computing Academy!

Aditya’s work is featured on the Techwalla blog!

April 2017

Another big day for the TanDEm lab.We received three DIS 2017 acceptances. Big congratulations to  Aditya Vishwanath and Rui Zhou! 

Naveena Karusala has been accepted into the very coveted Ph.D. programs at UW CSE, University of Michigan’s School of Information, Cornell University, UC Irvine, and – of course – Georgia Tech. If it weren’t the obviously better decision for her personal growth to leave, we’d keep her here without a doubt! We’ll miss you, Naveena!

MARCH 2017